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Autism Awareness. Bringing people together to share love and inspire greatness.  

"One Cause; One Symbol"


Welcome to our blog, this is a space for AWESOMENESS! A space to share inspiring stories, family successes, hilarious hick-ups and perhaps snag a few new recipes to help move the food off the dinner plate. 

Please submit your post and we will love to share them. 

How Amazing

Casey Golden

It is amazing when a company can support a cause for an entire Global Awareness Month. The entire month of April, MarcAllison Jeans is donating $15 bucks a pair to My Autism Awareness. How awesome is that! Just use coupon code "GoldenTicket" and you'll recieve 40% off your online purchance and you'll be supporting Autism Awareness. 

"One cause; One symbol"  it's just all about love and acceptance 'round here... create the space and feed the passion! #Autism #aspie

Under Construction

Casey Golden

Thank you for your patience while we have been building the new website... I am so excited to announce the map... comming very soon! 


Casey Golden

Welcome to our new space. It took a little time for us to find our new home but we have found it and I hope you enjoy sharing. I still have some tweaks to make on the site but please don't wait for me. Start submitting your posts, spreading the butterfly stickers and sharing the love.   

This is for YOU! 

Please join My Autism Awareness and add your organization to our National Autism Resource map that is currently being developed. "just click the envelope on the top right of the page" super simple!  


All my love, 

Casey, the chick supporting MAA

 "One cause; One symbol"

 "One cause; One symbol"


Casey Golden

Hey guys, I’m Randi!

I don’t have many followers but whoever comes across this please find it in your heart to reblog and help me out. I’m 17 and I currently work at a school for Special Needs children in Cedarhurst, New York.

As we speak, I am a 1:1 aide with a 19 year old Autistic boy named Garrick. He is my absolute pride and joy and as a community we are trying to raise money to benefit him through the link I posted. I am trying to spread this because even a single dollar helps, and if you can’t financially help the cause spreading the word is just as effective  I really would like to help him and his family reach his goal so your help is so greatly appreciated by not only me but so many other people!

So please help the cause, and more importantly help out my buddy Garrick!



Clay Marzo Fans

Casey Golden

Autistic Surfer Clay Marzo Masters Waves but Struggles on Land

Pro-surfer’s Asperger’s Syndrome Enhances His Surfing


April 26, 2010

If you aren’t familiar with Clay Marzo you need to get in the water and paddle out. This guy is fantastic. As a surfer I am drawn to the water.. but as a fan I am drawn to the person. Check out how he does it!

When pro-surfer Clay Marzo rides the waves off Maui’s coast, it’s hard to imagine that a man so gifted in the water could struggle so much on land. Beyond a few words, Marzo, 20, finds it hard to hold a conversation. Ask him a question, and finding an answer seems to cause him pain. Chat with him for half an hour, and the words never never flow any easier, because Marzo has autism.

He has a milder form known as Asperger’s syndrome. Labeled a disability, Asperger’s may help to explain why Marzo is so good on a surfboard.

Since he was a little boy, when his difficulty in communicating became evident, Marzo zeroed in on water. He wanted to be near the water, to be in it — a focus so intense that it was actually obsessive, according to his mother, Jill Marzo. Obsession is part of Asperger’s.

Surfing Obsession Leads to Stardom

In the water, “he was comfortable in his skin," said Jill Marzo. “Out of the water, he is not comfortable, even today. In the water, it’s like he can breathe." 

Marzo spends hours a day in the ocean, year after year. Some Asperger’s obsessions, such as fixating on train schedules or “Star Wars" or lightbulbs, can disrupt. But Marzo’s water obsession evolved into surfing, where obsession is required to succeed. Marzo’s obsession has made him a star surfer. He’s a favorite with surfing magazines, is sponsored by Quicksilver apparel and earns an income that reaches into the six figures.

Surfing Fame Leads to Struggle

But on dry land, says his mom, Marzo’s a fish out of water, unable to process easily anything that takes quick thinking. He struggles in getting around, meeting strangers and answering questions. It’s too much too fast for his brain to take in, and the attention that accompanies his surfing fame makes for an uncomfortable experience.

"It’s got to be more simple," said Marzo. “You know? Simple. Surf and eat and sleep, you know? My three top things." That might sound simple enough, but it’s never simple to live with Asperger’s. For Marzo, though, it just happened to work out:

He needed the water, and the sea was there to catch him.

Casey Golden

Wendy Fournier, National Autism Assoc.

Uploaded by  on Jun 27, 2011

Wendy Fournier, president of the National Autism Association, discusses the growing crisis of child wandering deaths within the autism community. She tells FAIR’s Erik Nanstiel about the initiatives that the N.A.A. is taking to combat this serious threat to the safety and health of children with autism everywhere. Visit for coverage on this and many other issues of concern to the autism community!