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Casey Golden

We need all the supporters we can muster to facilitate the necessary changes, resources and awareness for ASD individuals to be independent, successful adults.

Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder and High Functioning Autism are now reaching epidemic proportions…in general, 1 in 150 will be diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum now and boys are at a level of 1 in 94.

InventSuccess was conceived to find a way for those on the higher end of the spectrum, to gain skills for sustainable income through traditional and non-traditional training, apprenticeships as well as innovative, intellectual property avenues that use current and emerging technologies.

Youth with AS and HFA rarely fit into the traditional academic and employment roles and therefore are not being served to the greater good of the individual or the communities where they reside. Most of these youth are not being moved into a successful, self-sustaining adulthood with their current available services.

Most of these individuals have a “gift” or “passion” that they focus on and those are what this organization will seek to strengthen and market for them to become successful, self-sustaining adults. Those who have a more traditional career desire but will not succeed in the traditional avenue to gain that knowledge or skill will be assisted in non-traditional avenues to meet their career goal. 

InventSuccess also seeks to enhance local school districts curriculum by providing unique and innovative learning methods, improved understanding and retention  techniques which will improve students’ overall success rates.

InventSuccess is hands-on, goal oriented and provides out-of-the-box opportunities to meet successful, measurable end results.