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Casey Golden

My son while growing up was bullied and often had no friends. We were in the military most of his life which means we were moving constantly. It was difficult for him. 22 yrs ago in the US no one had a clue about Autism and what they did know was not positive. I hear in Austrilia they are advanced in their treatment and care for people with Autism. Now the information is everywhere.. The UK really explaines it well. Currently my son is working part time and goes to collage part time. He can only do one class at a time per semister. He feels he can totally focus his mind to the class no matter the subject. His essays are often used in class by his professors and of course he just received a 4.0 in intermediate algabra. He is starting his new class in collage algabra today. His hobbies include movies, math, war hammer, reading the bible and then discussing it and politics with lots of discussion. For those of you with adult children don’t forget to get your Will with a special needs trust and a DPOA. If your adult child cannot live on his/her own look into a non-profit organziation that will care for your child. It will take quite a weight off your shoulders. It took me about one year and six months to finish all the legalities. To the children that made the video AWESOME JOB! Keep moving forward and I wish only a happy life for you all.
Kathy Denton Grainger · Works at King County