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Casey Golden

My son Maxamillian has social and developmental Autism. He attends a middle school at this time but through a specialized program. Most times he is in that classroom with his teacher and Aide and is sent out for math, P.E., French and English class with the regular classes. I don’t think he’s bullied or teased at all in his school. In fact when we go to the store children, I know are not in his class, will come up to him and make a point to say hello to him. Much like Tony, Max is very into one thing though, his video games. If you ask him about any video games he just knows about them and who makes them. It’s all I can do to try and get his focus on anything else after school every day. I am going to have him watch this video so that he knows just how much he is not alone in how he feels. Thank you all and God bless you all for helping us Mothers our here.
Sally Eileen