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Global Movement
New York, New York

Autism Awareness. Bringing people together to share love and inspire greatness.  

"One Cause; One Symbol"


Welcome to our blog, this is a space for AWESOMENESS! A space to share inspiring stories, family successes, hilarious hick-ups and perhaps snag a few new recipes to help move the food off the dinner plate. 

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Casey Golden

I don’t know what it is, maybe being a military brat & studying different cultures. The UK has the most informative and the easiest way to explain Autism! My daughter has Autism. She is encouraged alot by videos of positive outlooks, such as the one you have created. I will certainly show it to her. It will benefit her greatly to feel that she does fit in. In the U.S., there is such a mixed message full of emotions that confuses the outlook on Autism, therefore the understanding is just starting to gain momentum at a slower pace. To the children in this video, congratulations! You are to be admired. Wishing you well and happy lives! Thank You! :)
Ava Greer Shrader