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Global Movement
New York, New York

Autism Awareness. Bringing people together to share love and inspire greatness.  

"One Cause; One Symbol"

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Our partnerships are building bridges across industries to show support for one cause. Together, our friendships are the foundation of a new community passionate about developing creativity, driving  innovation, and empowering our youth. Be inspired to be the change.

Collaborate with us. 

Building bridges across industries


The Butt Therapist This is my denim blog. When I am not sharing the Autism love I am sharing the love of denim. When Colon Cancer Awareness & Autism Awareness collide. We advocate awareness together and they are the sponsor of the My Autism Annual Walk-a-thong in Portland, OR. share LOVE; give STRENGTH.  

InventSuccess  is an Oregon non-profit corporation established in October 2003. InventSuccess was founded on the belief that barriers can become bridges with the right tools and guidance. Our hands-on, goal oriented approach designs out-of-the-box opportunities to meet successful and measurable results.  Currently My Autism Awareness & InventSuccess have partners on developing a National Resource Map to unite all organizations and services into one simplistic easy to use tool. <launching August 2013>

Life Vest Inside Meet Orly the nicest girl in the world & founder. LVI is a grassroots organization based in New York City whose goal is simply to encourage the spreading of happiness through small acts of kindness—as a way of combating bullying and teen depression.KINDNESS, the Universal Language

Savile Row Society A menswear club designed to refine a man's style and complement his lifestyle. My Autism Awareness is their Charity of Choice. 

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