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Global Movement
New York, New York

Autism Awareness. Bringing people together to share love and inspire greatness.  

"One Cause; One Symbol"

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How Stickers WORK


You buy a sticker for one dollar and a stamp. I buy a stamp and maill it to you, then place the dollar in the Marketing Account to buy more stickers. So more people can buy stickers and we spread AWARENESS for Autism. 

The best thing is we make Autism Awareness STAMPS so your postman knows about Autism Awareness too. You can buy your stickers & stamps on our SHOP page. 


Special note: InventSuccess and MAA, we buy stickers personally for Autism Awareness Marketing and well, random placements because we see it as our donaction and mission to grow the number of stickers we get to make. It might be on the L train, an old phonebooth or a snowboard. We don't use the STICKERFUNDS for randomness, they are for all of you! 


Our vision and ways to help as a Brand Ambassador:

  • To have DR. offices with the sticker in thier front office window; we have 6 participants so far- Would you like to help?
  • NY Yellow Cabs to have them in the rearwindow of every cab in NYC- this is a toughy!
  • Every Police Department to have a sticker in the rearwindow of thier patrol car- are you a cop?
  • Every Fire Station to have a sticker on thier truck- we can start with your neighborhood!
  • Business owners that support Autism Awareness to place a sticker on thier front window to show they are a supporter. We ave so many supporters, how about getting your town involved!
  • Every School Bus to have a sticker on thier buses- are you a driver?
  • How about your car, that's an easy way to make a contribution and share the LOVE!
  • When there is a Autism walk in your community let us know in advance and we can run production to makesure everyone gets a sticker, we also have the ability to make way more than a sticker so let's collaborate!


One day, I would love to be stuck in LA traffic and see a SEA of Butterfly stickers as my view. Join us!